Top 10 Tips for Career Changers

  1. Be Clear on Your Objective. (Research Positions of Interest)
  2. Keep Your Skills Current. (Strive to be Flexible and Adaptable)
  3. Have a Positive Attitude and Well-Groomed Appearance.
  4. Polish Your Presentation. Both on Paper and in Person)
  5. Emphasize a Networking Approach. (The Best Job Search Method)
  6. Target Smaller, Growing Companies. (2/3 of Future Jobs will be Here)
  7. Research Employers. (Show Your Interest, Thoroughness and Preparedness)
  8. Consider a Composite Career. (Combining 2 or more Part-Time Jobs)
  9. Be Willing to Relocate. (If You Can't Find What You Want, Where You're At)
  10. Thank All that Have Helped Along the Way. (They'll Appreciate It)

Submitted by Dr. David P. Helfand, National Certified Career Counselor, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, author of Career Change: Everything You Need to Know to Meet New Challenges and Take Control of Your Career, VGM Career Horizons.