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I have a Master's in Professional Counseling, not licensed yet, over 13 years of progressive Administrative Assistant experience. I don't want to enter the mental health field as I would have to take a huge paycut. Human Resource jobs at higher compensation levels do not seem to exist. Should I just give up and be an administrator for my career or can you think of any way I can leverage my valuable skills to transfer to another industry, without taking such a dramatic pay cut?

Trying to Break in as a Compensation Analyst

I have worked as an auditor/accountant for the past 10 years and I currently work for one of the Big Four firms. Within the last two years I have decided that I have no desire to continue on this path, although I am not completely sure where I would like to end up. My interest right now lies in Human Resources as a compensation analyst. I have no compensation experience but I do have experience in analyzing data and critical thinking. What is the best way for me to break into this field? I realize that I would most likely have to take a pay cut also and I'm okay with that as long as I'm rewarded appropriately.

Career Aptitude Tests

Where can I go for a career aptitude test for a reasonable amount of money. I am out of work and cannot afford much.

Career Counseling Field & Leadership

I would like to get into the Career Counseling field or some kind of leadership position. I have education background but not much experience.

There are many different paths to take to get to the next step in our career/life. And there are different routes one might take. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

Fatigued and Disabled; Options?

What types of jobs are more compatible with disabilities which cause fatigue? I have health research and nursing background but cannot keep the pace of many jobs and need shorter hours. I've been searching for answers to this question for some time now.

Job Change After 25 Years in Retail

I'm looking to make a job change after 25 years in my own retail business. I am uncertain about what I want to do and would like to meet with a career couselor to discuss some different options. Do you offer this type of service?

I certainly would recommmend that you work with a career counselor. You could contact: The Jewish Vocational Service at 216 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 700, Chicago, Illinois 60606, (312) 673-3400. The Skokie office of JVS is at 5150 W Golf Road, (847) 568-5150.

Finding My Niche

I have taken many different classes in a variety of fields, I am 36 years old and I still cannot focus on what is my true passion. My goal is to make a good salary, but I want a career which I can enjoy to the fullest. How do I find my niche?

Narrowing My Choice

I need help establishing a career with an associate's degree in general studies. I have over 110 college credit hours but I don't know what type of jobs are on the market. My passion is sports but I don't know what career to choose.

Single Parent with Decisions to Make

I am a graduate student in a journalism program which I love. However, I am a single parent and I need a more stable job to provide for my child. I am thinking about teaching and I have just received my substitute teaching certificate to use in January after I finish my current unpaid and curriculum required internship. I'll be finished with school next December and I think journalism is something I can do once I get my finances together and my son is older. I do love journalism and I'll miss it but I can freelance to keep my feet wet. I would prefer to teach at the college level, but I would teach at the high school level if need be.

Am I doing the right thing by changing to education, and is there a way that I can gain a teaching certificate without adding to my loan debt and going back to school? How do I make myself appealing to substitute teaching jobs if I have had minimal interaction with children and no solid "career" type of jobs (seeing I went from undergrad to graduate school)?

Recent BA in Psychology & Music

I am a graduate from a university with a BA in psychology and another in music. I am currently seeking work in the Chicago area, I am open to any entry level human resources positions or really anything interesting with the potential for growth. Are there any specific places in Chicago for recent grads like me that you could suggest I look at?

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