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Don't give up!! You are on the right track!

I have worked in retail banking for the past 10 years. I'm currently a manager of a branch of a mid-sized community bank, the second community bank for which I have worked. The job is not challenging, and the work I do has so little impact on people’s lives that it depresses me. I've been looking for the past five years for a position in another field and I am having no luck.

Changing Jobs. . .Right Now

I have been working in different areas of the medical field on and off for the past 10 years. I have been diagnosed with arthritis of the knees which prevents me from standing for long periods of time. I would like to get a job in a new field but all of my experience and education is in the medical field which makes it difficult for me to find jobs in other fields. I am going back to school in the spring, but I need to find a job right now to provide for my family. What do you suggest?


Alternative Careers in Education

I am a certified teacher K through 9 with a masters degree in education. I would like to know what other career opportunities - other than teaching in the classroom for which I am qualified.

My first question to you would be why did you decided to leave teaching. When I work with clients who begin to search for new career opportunities, we try to determine if they are interested in "moving toward" or are merely "running from." Once that is clearly determined, we can move forward in the process.

Difficult Boss

I am currently on medical leave because my job made me literally insane. (type of work, atmosphere, politics, boss, etc.). The 12-week leave expires in two weeks and I'm not sure I can tolerate going back to that job. If my doctor writes a letter that I'm unable to perform the functions of my job, will that be detrimental to finding a new job? Am I better off biting the bullet and working a couple weeks and then giving notice?

Finding a new field

I’ve been an attorney for over 18 years and, earlier this year, for family reasons, I found I had to resign my partnership and relocate to Chicago. With that situation resolved, I am ready to find a challenging position, along with the opportunity to best employ my skill set and experience. I am open to other kinds of positions, however, my two main areas of experience lie in the fact that I was in Claims/Risk Management for 15 years, I’ve been an attorney for over 18.

Getting a Portfolio Analysis Career

I am currently a Credit Analyst for a brokerage firm and I want to get into portfolio analysis for hedge funds. How can I break into this exclusive career with my experience?

Going from Journalism to Social Work

A friend of mine has been looking for a job change. He's been working as a sports writer for a local newspaper, but he's now interested in finding different work in media or journalism and/or a new career in the mental health-social work field. The questions are, How does one locate a career guidance counselor that is free that could assist him in discovering his possible career options related to these two areas of employment? Could they provide him access to resources? Could they assist him in locating actual job opportunities? It would be helpful if you could help me with my friend's questions and concerns.

How do I get back into the IT (Information Technology) field?

I had been in the IT (Information Technology) for more than 20 years and believe have sufficient knowledge and experience to not only excel on the field once again but also mentor or teach newcomers to the career. I just turned 59 years old. I was with a major telephone firm as a QA manager back in 2002 when due to acquisition, my position was eliminated. For the next 2 years after that, I had been looking for a job. To compound the matter, I could not work until 2004 due to health issues. Since 2004 to date I had been working as an advisor with a major bank (non-IT).

Leaving Real Estate

I have been working in the commercial real estate industry since the late 1980's. I am currently looking to change fields and enter the not for profit sector. I would like to know if there are any avenues you would recommend I use to start a search. I do realize this will be a challenging path, which is why I am hoping you may help point me in the right direction.

Leaving Sales

I have been in the banking industry for 9 years. I am currently a branch manager and have a degree in management and a graduate certificate in financial planning. I hold series 6&63 Securities License and I am an insurance agent. I am fed up with sales and am having trouble getting involved in another field. Do you have any suggestions for a career, unrelated to sales, where I could use my experiences?

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