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Many Parts to a Job Search

I have been looking for a new job for over a year. I am not sure what the problem may be. I was a Controller a few years ago and am now a Senior Accountant, does that look bad? Are there good Accounting recruiters that you can recommend? I will paste my resume here for you to look at.


I just completed the apprentice training program for Cook County Illinois in construction. Now I find I am having a problem in entering the field as an apprentice. Everyone I contact says they have no openings. Can you help and point me in the right direction?

Unfortunately, I do not have any direct contacts in the construction field. However, one of the first rules of networking is that you NEVER ask directly for a job. The idea is to build relationships to create opportunities.

Could you list part time jobs that do not require a background check?

Could you list part time jobs that do not require a background check?

I'm sorry, but I do not have information about part time positions with companies that do not do background checks. Generally, people who have this request have something in their background that they feel would be a deterrent in their ability to be hired. You may need some professional help to offer some suggestions on how to address it in your job search.

I would suggest you research those organizations that may specialize in your particular issue, such as the Safer Foundation, and seek help directly from them.

Good luck! The Career Experts @ ChicagoJobs.org

What Should You Disclose in an Interview

I’m starting classes full time at night. Is it necessary to disclose this information to jobs that I am applying for?

It all depends.... what are the jobs you are applying for? Would they require you to work at night? How many days a week will you attend class? Will the classes you'll be taking enhance your job skills? What is your reason for wanting to disclose the information?

I have a degree in history and does that basically mean I will never find a job?

I have a degree in history and does that basically mean I will never find a job?

So, you have a degree in history and don't know if you will ever find a job. As far as I'm concerned all that it means is that you have a degree in history. Whether or not you ever find a job depends on how hard and strategically you work at the process.

I'll bet you have lots of skills, talents, interests and value that employers may be able to use. But you have to make a stronger effort to see where you fit.

Older, Overqualified and Consulting

I am an engineer, with 17+ years of experience and was downsized 5 years ago. I have been unable to secure a position since then and I have started my own consulting business which is not doing well. I am in the 45-50 age bracket and considered 'old', ˜overqualified', etc. I had bosses who were mean and coworkers who were sometimes sexually aggressive, other times chauvinistic, and I lost some jobs because I stood up to my bosses/coworkers. Now, I cannot secure even interviews. The problem is: Why am I turning recruiters/employers off?

Over 50 and Unemployed

My husband and I both recently lost our jobs. We are both 58 and unable to retire at this time. I've been in the home building industry for 20 years and really don't know anything else. My husband has been in the grocery business for about 27years. We are both concerned about the possibility of ever finding a job at our age. Please help us determine what we need to do in order to get back into the work place.

Navigating the Resources

I am on a job search, but feel overwhelmed by all the resources. I'm interested in companies with an international presence in the field of survey research, market analysis, organizational consulting/human resources management, etc. Where should I look and how can I gain an advantage in obtaining the advertised and "hidden" job openings?

Setting Goals for a Job Search

I have a B.A. in Psychology, it's been over 2 years and I don't have a job. I owe money on my degree so my school won't give me my transcripts, I do have proof that I went for 4 years. What should I do? I'm looking for work every day and no luck.

More Education?

I am unemployed since December 4, 2008 being a Computer Aided Drafter of 10 years experience in the Consulting Engineering field. I have tried applying, searching and interviewing to move into an entry level position in IT as a Help Desk support but I find nothing or when I do get interviewed, never get hired. I have tried taking courses for CompTia's A+ certification and failed. I also see that companies who hire in the IT field want someone with certifications from Microsoft of CompTIA if not in general.

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