Netiquette: or How to Develop an Internet Presence and Network Effectively

Use the Power of the Internet to Develop Your Network.

Internet mailing lists and discussion groups are available for any number of careers, industries and job-related topic areas. Use them to meet people in your field, to stay in touch with what's happening in your industry and to learn where the opportunities are in the "Hidden Job Market"!




Before you start, please consider some of the DO's and DON'Ts of Internet communication...



  • Monitor a listserv or discussion group before you offer an opinion.
  • Look through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) before you ask a question.
  • Keep your postings short and to the point.
  • Fill in the subject heading portion of the e-mail with a concise topic.
  • Use conventional caps and lower case. If you use all capital letters, IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING!
  • Introduce yourself to selected individuals on the listserv or discussion group with a followup note or ask for clarification on a point made in a posting.


DO NOT....

  • Ask individuals you meet for a job or send them your resume.
  • Send any message to a listserv or discussion that would embarrass you if your mother or minister were to intercept it.
  • Send your postings to every newsgroup or listserv you can think of. This is known as "spamming".
  • "Flame" or send rude postings to others online. If you respond to angry postings in kind, you are participating in a "flame war."




You can find more information on the website Netiquette from author Virginia Shea. ©2002 Frances E. Roehm