Being Truthful to Employers

I’m starting classes full time at night. Is it necessary to disclose this information to jobs that I am applying for?

It all depends.... what are the jobs you are applying for? Would they require you to work at night? How many days a week will you attend class? Will the classes you'll be taking enhance your job skills? What is your reason for wanting to disclose the information?

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Starting a New Career

I am changing careers and having a hard time finding an entry level position. I am trying to get into web design and have some experience. I have been going on interviews for little over a year but have had no feedback from my interviews, and they don't even send an email to say they don't want me. Chicago.craigslist.org is a good resource for jobs and I also scan Monster, Careerbuilder  and any other leads. I am becoming frustrated and would like some advice.

Networking and more face to face and direct contact with possible employers can be helpful. So networking is always a consideration - and a stronger one than spending all your time perusing the internet sites.

However, you might also want to explore your interviewing techniques, your follow up techniques and other areas of your job search. I would recommend that you meet with a counselor or attend a seminar that can give you an opportunity to have a mock interview and get some real feedback.

Perhaps some informational interviewing would benefit your job search

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