Relocating to Chicago

Head Start Jobs

Do you have list of Chicago Public Schools Head Start openings. I am looking for position in early childhood developments, and moving to the Chicago area.

Headhunters in Chicago

I currently work for a fortune 500 company in Minneapolis, MN and my husband just received a job offer in Chicago. I'm trying to identify potential job opportunities for myself in Chicago and I'm wondering if there are services available that would work for me in helping me to find the right job (similar to a head hunter) please let me know if you have any suggestions.

I don't know of any agencies (other than placement services - all listed in the phone book) that do direct placement. You do not mention what type of job you do or what level.

Legal Jobs in Chicago

I am a lawyer practicing in Arizona, but wish to move to Chicago. Is it possible to find a good job as a non-licensed attorney in Chicago before writing the Illinois bar exam?

Welcome to Chicago! Finding whatever you consider a "good job" might be a possibility if you do your homework. You might first clarify what "good" means for you.

Michigan to Chicago

I just moved to Chicago from Michigan and the job search has been overwhelming. I have 11 years of experience in the Mortgage/Banking industry with Operations, Compliance, Risk Management, Legal and Quality Control. All skills I feel I can transfer.
I really want to make a change. I find the recruiters and placement agencies exhausting. I have been searching now for 2 months and must find something soon. In Michigan, I always relied on networking and even in a slump found employment. This move to Chicago has been wonderful, I know I want to be here.
Do you have any advice on the right approach. I know if I could get my foot in the door that would be a start.

Welcome to Chicago! A job search IS overwhelming, and especially if you are unfamiliar and unconnected with the new city. It sounds like you have some strong skills that indeed can be transferable. I don't have the benefit of knowing all that you have attempted, but here are a few more suggestions.

Moving to Chicago to Find a Job

I am a recent college graduate and currently live in a small town. My degree is in business and management. I was looking to getting a retail management job, but after working at some local retail stores, I know I do not want to do that. I'd like a job where I have a steady schedule (no second shifts) like the banking industry or marketing. Chicago is very appealing to me and I have already planned out where I want to live, what I will do, etc. But I can't get past the first hurdle: getting a job.