Finding Jobs

Finding a Job

I have a B.A. in Education, but permitted my certification to lapse. I am actually extremely interested in research and advocacy. I assisted several professors with research as an undergrad, which resulted in publication, yet haven't the foggiest idea as how to get my foot in the door, and potentially make a career out of my passion. While I did achieve a B.A.; school has actually always been quite a challenge for me. My youngest son has a learning disability, and I question, if I too, may have had, may still have, a learning disability. With that said, I'm reluctant to return to school. Are there any other opportunities; internships, trade schools, something for a woman in her late 40's.

Even though the job market is very tight, it is still very possible to make a career change. There are several ways to break into a new field. The good news is that you do not necessarily have to go back to school to do so!
Identify your skills.
First, it is important to take stock of your skills, especially your transferable skills. You must be able to talk about your skills to potential employers, especially if you do not have experience in a particular industry. Sometimes it is helpful to create a functional resume (instead of a chronological one) to begin to think of yourself in terms of skills rather than jobs. You can look up skill words on the Internet, or you can work with a career counselor to identify your skills.


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